Sina Mohammad Zade

    About me

    I’m Android developer,I have a passion for creating native mobile applications. I’m so eager to learn new things in my expertise as mobile developer, also in other platforms like iOS and Cross-Platform. I design, build, develop and, test but most of the time I get full-stack android development jobs.


    • Android Component: Activity, Fragment, DialogFragment, AlertDialog, RecyclerView, ViewPager, BroadcastReceiver, Service, Notification, ContentProvider, GoogleMap, Animation.
    • Android Languages: Java, Kotlin.
    • Google Play Service: Map, Location, Places.
    • Back-end development: Firebase, Parse Server.
    • Databases and ORM: SQLite, Realm, GreenDao, SugarORM, ORMLite.
    • Version Control: Git.

    Work Experience